Why Mike?

It's pretty simple really. In March, a special election took place where very few voters showed up. And the two candidates selected don't represent this community.

So Mike Milanowski decided to step up and give voters a better choice in on May 3, 2022.

Mike shares the beliefs and values of voters in this District. 

Mike supports small business.

Mike supports making sure parents are in control of their children's education. 

Mike supports investments in infrastructure. 

Mike supports lowering the tax burden on Michigan families.

Mike supports secure and safe elections. 

Mike is pro-family and pro-life. 

Mike is a trusted and respected voice in our community and we can be confident that he will do what is best for our District in Lansing.

If you have any questions about Mike - reach out to him directly at CTE.mikemilanowskijr@gmail.com or 616-319-1150.


"I love my family, I love this community and I love fighting for the things that matter most to my neighbors and people I see everyday. I'm running for State Representative to ensure my son and four daughters have the ability to live, work and raise a family in Michigan, just as I did."