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Mike Milanowski:
On The Issues

Mike has deep roots & connections in West Michigan & is incredibly active in his community. Thanks to his unique experience growing up in West Michigan and raising a family here, in office, Mike will put West Michigan's values first. 

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Small Business

Mike has been a businessman & loan officer for over 20 years and has built a career on empowering families to find homes they love and can afford. Because of this, Mike knows just how important consistency is to people's livelihoods, especially for small business owners.  Mike plans to work hard to create an environment for small businesses to continue to thrive here in West Michigan.

With endorsements like the Small Business Association of Michigan, you can count on Mike to fight for small businesses. 

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Taxes & Inflation

Lowering the tax burden on Michigan families & businesses is incredibly important to Mike. He understands how much the lack of action on the state and national level is effecting West Michiganders. Mike is ready to fight to bring back a sense of stability.


With endorsements from groups like Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Grand Rapids Chamber, and Michigan Retailers Association, you can rest assured Mike will do everything in his power to boost the economy and lower taxes.

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Mike is ready to push for investing in infrastructure to actually fix the roads. Mike understands how vital our infrastructure is to our communities and how much its deterioration will effect everyday lives.  He knows that West Michiganders have been waiting far too long to see actual improvements in our communities. Mike will push for greater investment.

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Mike always puts family first, and will do the same for your family.  Mike believes in putting parents in control of their children's education, protecting the most vulnerable in our society, like the unborn, and will always fight to put West Michigan family values first.


With Mike being the only Right To Life endorsed candidate in the 84th District, you can trust Mike will work to protect all life. 

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Public Safety

At minimum, Mike believes that we should feel safe in our communities. In order to do this, he knows we must back our women & men who serve in law enforcement by ensuring they have proper funding necessary to keep them and others safe on the job. Mike will never support defunding our police, and will always put keeping our families and communities safe first.


Election security is plain and simply a necessity. Free and fair elections are the cornerstone to American democracy and Mike believes that the general public should feel secure in elections and their vote for years to come.  The first step is voter ID.  Mike will work toward ensuring election security for all.  

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Illegal Immigration has an impact on every state in our country.  It is important that we have legal migration to the United States, as allowing people to pour over our boarder is a threat to the safety and security of all Americans.  As your next State Representative, I will work to ensure that you tax dollars are not spent to encourage and foster illegal immigration. 

Mike is ready to fight for you. 

If you ever have questions about where Mike stands on

any issue, please feel free to reach out!